How do I enable Sender Policy Framework (SPF)?

If you:

  • Manage your own email DNS settings: Add an SPF record (i.e., one with IP addresses and/or hostnames authorized to send from your specified domain).
  • Use an email provider: Please have them confirm that they have a valid SPF record in place and that you are sending mail properly through their system.


Effective January 31, 2022, if you attempt to send faxes by EMail your faxes will fail if your email is not SPF enabled.


Why did we make this change? We are adopting this standard to protect against someone spoofing your email address(es) It also adds another layer of security against phishing attacks and spam email.


As a reminder this applies to sending faxes by email ONLY, all other forms of faxing have not changed. You can still send faxes via the website or mobile apps.


For more information on enabling SPF, see:


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