The SRFax API is a feature-rich solution for developers to speed up development when adding email to fax capability to any project. Aided by 24/7 world class support, we offer downloadable classes in PHP, Ruby, C#, and VB. Whether you are managing fax integration for a large hospital or healthcare institution, an enterprise-level organization or a small business, we will ensure seamless API integration with enhanced security and end-to-end encryption. Learn more about the industries we serve.


For pre-sales questions, call us any time at 1-(866) 554-0263. You can check in advance if your company’s current fax number is portable, and if it isn’t, we offer local or toll-free numbers.


Browse need-to-know information about our fax API, including:

  • The benefits of choosing our API; and
  • Examples of downloadable classes, along with a Getting Started Guide.

Most importantly, we know you are interested in the security of our service, including how we manage HIPAA compliance, so please review our security and privacy practices. You also might wish to review the hundreds of rave reviews from happy clients who use our service.