This overview explains how to fax online by email (PDF, email, file, form letter, zipped files, important documents, images, etc.) to or from your computer PC, laptop, iPhone, Mac / MacBook Air, tablet, printer, etc. Also referred to as a “virtual fax”, you can accomplish this in three easy steps using Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or any other mail program, and we offer a printer driver that allows you to print to fax from any application (more on this below). The advantages of our service are many!


  1. We have a world-class support team available 24/7 by email or by phone at 1-(866) 697-7329 whenever the need arises;
  2. You can send or receive faxes to or from an email address without the need to pay for a dedicated landline number or own or maintain a fax machine, and there is no need to replenish toner, paper, etc.;
  3. We will furnish you with a local or toll-free number, or you can port an existing number;
  4. We have the highest highest security standards in the industry. For the medical profession and healthcare field, our service is second to none and has long been recognized as the best for being HIPAA compliant in the U.S. and for PHIPA compliance in Canada. That means you can send any type of paperwork worry free;
  5. We serve nearly every industry throughout the U.S. and Canada, and the list grows daily, from small businesses (SMBs) to enterprise organizations with multiple offices and hundreds or thousands of employees, and each person or department can have their own dedicated number! Learn more by browsing frequently asked questions and answers on our FAQs page; and
  6. You will never experience cancellation hassles, or problems changing your plan!

How To Fax From A Device

Use your computer / PC, laptop, tablet, iPhone, other smartphone, a MAC / MACbook Air, etc., for the following file types:

–     documents
–     email
–     form letter
–     images
–     important paper / paperwork
–     PDF
–     zipped files

All devices are compatible, and you can use any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iExplorer, iOS, Edge etc.). Our website and online portal are completely “mobile friendly” and responsive to any device size. Go ahead. Send a test fax directly to your inbox!


How To Send a Fax Online Via Email

We have a plethora of great features, but one of the most convenient features of our service is that you can use your email to send a fax without actually owning a fax machine! The following are just a few of the mail programs compatible with our service, as well as nearly every email program used by healthcare practitioners necessary for protected health information (PHI):

–     Earthlink
–     Gmail / Google Mail
–     Hinet
–     Hushmail
–     Juno
–     Live (formerly Hotmail)
–     LuxSci
–     NetZero
–     Outlook
–     Thunderbird
–     Yahoo Mail

In addition, we prepared an easy-to-follow guide, which explains how to send documents with or without a cover page to a single or multiple numbers.


How To Print To Fax From Any Application

Equally convenient is that you can print to fax from nearly any application simply by downloading our print driver. Its simplicity is enhanced by the ability to use our online address book and to add an optional cover sheet.


How To Port Your Fax Number

If you have an existing fax number and prefer not to acquire a new one, in most cases, you can port your number to us in a few simple steps. First, use our number portability tool to check.