Our email to fax service API is built by developers, for developers, is feature rich with enhanced security for HIPAA compliance, easily integrates fax capability into any project simply by using our RESTful Fax API, and offers full control and scalability. All you need is an active SRFax account, and your developers can access our API to send, receive, delete, and view faxes directly from your application.


Web Services using HTTPS POST




There are ten (10) basic operations available from the web service.


  • Queue_Fax – Schedules a fax to be sent with or without cover page.
  • Get_FaxStatus – Determines the status of a fax that has been scheduled for delivery.
  • Get_MultiFaxStatus – Determines the status of multiple faxes that have been scheduled for delivery.
  • Get_Fax_Inbox – Returns a list of faxes received for a specified period of time
  • Get_Fax_Outbox – Returns a list of faxes sent for a specified period of time
  • Retrieve_Fax – Returns a specified sent or received fax file in PDF or TIFF format
  • Update_Viewed_Status – Mark a inbound or outbound fax as read or unread.
  • Delete_Fax – Deletes specified received or sent faxes
  • Stop_Fax – Deletes a specified queued fax which has not been processed
  • Get_Usage – Usage report for a specified user and period.


Overview and Examples of Fax API Functions

For an online view and and example code of using each function have a look at our Getting Started Guide.


Benefits of using the Fax API

The SRFax Internet Fax API accepts files in 156 different file formats including Office, PDF and HTML. The fax API gives you the ability to send to a single or multiple fax numbers, retrieve inbound or outbound faxes, determine status of a fax plus more.


  • No Hardware Required – No fax servers, fax software or phone lines are required
  • Global Reach – Send faxes from and to anywhere
  • Scalability – Send 50 faxes or 500,000 faxes; our servers will get the job done
  • Full Control – Online administrative access allows you to monitor activity and control settings
  • Enhanced Security – SSL encryption for all communications
  • HIPAA Compliant – Our Internet Fax API complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act


Need Help? Please email our support staff at support@srfax.com.