The SRFax Fax API is an Application Programming Interface to give developers the ability to integrate fax capabilities into their own applications. The integration itself is done via a web services using HTTPS POST operations.


POSTS are sent a specific URL listed in the API Documentation


API Basics

Each operation requires at least 3 pieces of information:


  • access_id – This is your account number and can be found in the “Account Summary” page of your SRFax Account
  • access_pwd – This is the password that you use to log into your SRFax account
  • action – The operation you want to complete


By default, all responses are sent back from our server as a JSON encoded string. This can be changed to an XML string by setting the ‘sResponseFormat’ parameter to ‘XML’


There are ten (10) basic API operations available:

  1. Queue_Fax – Schedules a fax to be sent with or without a cover page
  2. Get_FaxStatus – Determines the status of a fax that has been scheduled for delivery
  3. Get_MultiFaxStatus – Determines the status of multiple faxes that have been scheduled for delivery
  4. Get_Fax_Inbox – Returns a list of faxes received for a specified period of time
  5. Get_Fax_Outbox – Returns a list of faxes sent for a specified period of time
  6. Retrieve_Fax – Returns a specified sent or received fax file in PDF or TIFF format
  7. Update_Viewed_Status – Mark an inbound or outbound fax as read or unread
  8. Delete_Fax – Deletes specified received or sent faxes
  9. Stop_Fax – Deletes a specified queued fax which has not been processed
  10. Get_Fax_Usage – Usage report for a specified user and period


PHP Class

To help speed up integration we have a PHP class that can be downloaded here:



Examples of how to use this class as well as using cURL are provided in the documentation for each action.


SRFax is also willing to develop additional web services if requested for specific client requirements. Please contact us for making additional requests.