Email to fax is a three-step process, but we assembled a comprehensive list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) and our answers by category. They are intended to help you transition from another provider or from a traditional fax machine. If you have any unanswered questions, please contact our excellent customer support team at 1-(866) 697-7329. They will be happy to assist. In the meantime, we have four primary categories of information (simply click on one of the links in the left sidebar for details):

General FAQs


  • the areas we serve;
  • acquiring separate numbers for different individuals or departments;
  • the number of users permitted per account;
  • how to change or upgrade a plan;
  • exceeding allowable pages in a month;
  • setting access restrictions;
  • our junk fax filter;
  • receiving multiple pages;
  • viruses and attachments;
  • our privacy policy relating to advertising and spam;
  • toll-free numbers;
  • forwarding an existing number to one of ours;
  • installing our printer driver;
  • porting (moving) an existing number to our service;
  • whether a stand-alone machine is needed; and
  • printing to fax

Receiving Faxes


  • turning your service off;
  • sending and receiving from a mobile or handheld device;
  • the average time it takes to receive a transmission;
  • limit on incoming transmissions;
  • the type of security we offer;
  • the number of email addresses that can receive notifications;
  • whether we offer PGP encryption;
  • whether our service is HIPAA compliant;
  • an explanation about our never-busy service; and
  • how to port (transfer) a number to us

Sending Faxes


  • the best settings for scanning documents;
  • sending and receiving transmissions from a mobile or handheld device;
  • file formats compatible with our service; and
  • using our API;
Technical Issues


  • failed final call progress (normal busy / busy / busy (TP));
  • no answer;
  • no remote device;
  • special information no circuit detected tone;
  • special information intercept tone;
  • failed hangup no loop current;
  • ringing but no answer (timeout);
  • failed alerting no answer;
  • unknown country code;
  • special information vacant code tone;
  • failed hangup: no answer (T.30 T1 timeout);
  • network error;
  • unallocated number;
  • toll-free restricted area; and
  • unspecified

Still have Questions?

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