SRFax reviews are a testament to how our email to fax service has earned a reputation as the gold standard in the industry, and the best HIPAA compliant fax service as well. After reading them, we believe you will agree! We offer healthcare solutions for hospitals, clinics, doctors and physician practices of all sizes, psychologists, veterinarians, etc. Real estate companies, law firms, small businesses (SMBs), sole proprietors, remote workers, and individual home users can select from standard plans, and large organizations with a single or multiple locations appreciate our fully customizable enterprise solutions. Our commitment to customer service and low pricing set us apart. Our service is compatible with Gmail / Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Earthlink, Outlook, Apple Mac and iPhone, and more, and unlimited storage is included.

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87.530864197531% 5 stars
10.308641975309% 4 stars
1.2345679012346% 3 stars
0.49382716049383% 2 stars
0.49382716049383% 1 star

Great service
Marysville, OH
Customer support is very quick, knowable and polite.

Very happy with SRFAX
Phoenix, AZ
SRFAX has been perfect for my chiropractic clinic. This is a comprehensive, secure, and reliable faxing service at a great price point.

Very good service
Medicine Hat, AB
Very good service

Absolutely love SRFAX service
Honolulu, HI
Reasonable, very effective, nice folks from Vancouver Island running a great service. Thanks so much!

Great fax service
Kalamazoo , MI
Easy to use, love the updates, no problems in sending or receiving faxes. Well worth the price.

Product has been great since installation
Erie, AL
I had a very hard time getting the product installed. I had to call customer support and it took more than a day to get set up. Since then it has worked great!

reliable, easy to use fax service
Katy, TX
reliable and easy to use fax service

Fax service
Boynton Beach, AL
We were paying AT&T much money for phone service that we used infrequently. I appreciate the SR FAX Service immensely.

Easy to use
Scottsdale, AZ
This is the first company we have used for electronic faxing and we are very happy with this platform for our faxing needs. It's easy to use and seems to be quick too. I like the email reply that we receive once the fax has been delivered.

Works very well
Vancouver, WA
This fax service has made things so much easier. I love saving paper or I can print faxes if I need to. I don't miss my old fax line at all!

San Antonio, TX
i love the ease of not having to deal with a printer and paper. It has been working out just great, thank you.

Reliable and easy to use
New Berlin, WI
We signed up during the past year. The service is easy to use, whether emaiing fax to you or using your web app. Excellent communication and realabke service make this a win for us.

Saving time and money
Okc, AL
We have cut our paper use in half! Faxes can be answered and reviewed from any device. Can be used on apple, windows or android, because i have done it.

Effective and Reliable, Reduces SPAM
Orlando, FL
Not only has SRFax proven to be an excellent Fax to email solution, but it has provided an easy way to block SPAM Faxes that actually works.

Excellent service
Hamilton, ON
I heard about SR fax from a psychologist colleague and decided to try it myself. It has been an excellent service - faxes are sent promptly, the sent confirmations are useful, and received faxes are very easy to review, download and store in my electronic records system. The entire service is very professional and reliable, which I appreciate, and thankfully no paper! Very happy with this service.