SRFax offers both local Internet Fax numbers and Toll-Free Internet Fax numbers, which are accessible from all 50 United States and all of Canada.

If you wish to port your number review the below disclaimers and instructions on how to proceed.

There are a few things you should know if you wish to port your existing number(s) from your current provider to Consensus’ provider for use with the SRFax service.

Please read the information below to make sure you understand the process and know what is required

Terms & Conditions

  • It takes approximately 10-15 business days to have a number ported to SRFax
  • There is a one-time fee of $25.00 to port a local number over to SRFax

Submitting Your Port Request

To process all port requests, we require two documents and the included information:

  • A completed Letter of Authorization
  • A copy of a recent invoice for the number being ported – Uploaded in a PDF file format.
    • If an invoice is not available, screen captures of online accounts or a letter from your provider may be able to be used in place.

Both of these tasks can be completed by navigating to your SRFAX Portal and can be found under My Account -> Port Request

Note: SRFAX will reach out to you once we have received the requested information. Please add to your contacts/address book to help keep messages from getting filtered as junk.

If requested to manually Email or Fax in an LOA or recent Invoice requests without a contact email and SRFax account number will not be processed.

SRFAX Porting Disclaimer

We work with third parties to complete the porting process. There are very specific requirements for us to execute a port request, which is why we need you to kindly supply all of the requested information in this LOA. Please be sure to review the LOA form to be ported. Please confirm that the invoice is dated within the last thirty (30) days and displays the following:

  • The number(s) you are requesting to port. If possible, please circle the number(s) to be ported.
  • Your customer name, proving that you are the one paying for the number(s). 
  • The Service address. This is the address where the number(s) to be ported terminate to your current provider. This is checked against the provider’s records so please make sure this is correct. Please also keep in mind that the service address could differ from the billing address. 
  • The “BTN,” “ATN,” or Billing/Account Telephone Number. This is the primary number on your account with your current provider. We need to know this even if it is not one of the numbers you wish to port.

If your phone bill does not list certain requested information, please note the missing information on your email or fax to us when submitting the LOA and invoice. If you handle your billing online, you can send us screenshots of your account, containing the requested information. If you cannot obtain a Customer Service Record (“CSR”) from your current carrier, please ask the carrier to send us a signed letter on its letterhead that lists the account number, BTN/ATN, service location address, and specific number(s) you wish to port.


Toll-free numbers must always port separately from local/geographical phone numbers. As such, if you are porting both local and toll-free numbers, they must be placed on separate LOAs.


It can take 4-5 weeks to port numbers, and long in extenuating circumstances. Port requests can sometimes be completed sooner, provided there are no provider rejections or additional requests for information. There should be no downtime for a ported number when it transitions to the SRFax service. However, you should be aware that once your number has been ported, Providers across the country will need to update their routing information. Most providers perform this update every 12-24 hours. Some providers, however, may take several business days.

You will be advised via email when your port has been submitted, when we require any additional information, when we are giving a scheduled date of completion, and when the porting process has been completed and the number is active on your SRFax account.

Once complete, all calls will be routed through SRFax’s platform. If you used this number previously on a fax machine, with DSL, a point of sale terminal, or a security system they will no longer work from the landline that supported them. You may wish to contact your current provider and request a replacement line or a dry loop, so you can continue these services.