Although our email to fax service requires only a few steps, we assembled various utilities and tools to save you time. They include our printer driver, clients for PC and Mac, number portability tool, downloader, and a test so you can see exactly how our program works. Below is an overview (simply click on one of the links in the left sidebar for details). In the meantime, if you have any unanswered questions, please contact our world class customer support team at 1-(866) 697-7329.


Printer Driver

  • Sending a fax from your computer;
  • Using the address book; and
  • Adding a cover sheet;


Clients For PC and Mac

  • Basic installation instructions; and
  • Connecting to the Address Book


Downloader (For Received Faxes)
Provides our SRFaxXfer For Windows download program.


Send Me A Test
Allows you to receive a test transmission directly to your email inbox so you can see how our service works.