Can I turn my fax off ?

Yes, in order to stop receiving faxes you can disconnect you fax number temporarily until you return. You have complete control over this directly from our online portal.

Can I automatically download my faxes to our network?

Yes. There is an optional SRFax Downloader which you can install on a Windows based system that automatically checks your account on a regular basis for faxes. If a fax is found it will download the fax and store it to a location of your choice on your network.

Can I send/receive faxes with a mobile or handheld device?

Yes. Send and receive faxes anytime and anywhere with our fully responsive system. This advanced technology makes SRFax services compatible with ALL mobile devices. When you think Fax Mobile, think SRFax.

How long does it take from the time a fax is received until it arrives in my email?

On average, we send the Email with the attached fax within 30 seconds of receipt of the last page transmitted. We have no control over the time it takes to reach you, as this is dependent on your Email service provider, but it should not take more than a minute in total.

Is there a limit on the number of faxes I can receive?

No. If you exceed the number of free pages in your package, you will be billed a small fee per page for the excess pages, however there is no limit to the number of pages you can receive.

I receive sensitive data. How SECURE is fax to email?

Every time you are logged into your account on SRFax, to view or send faxes, you will be in a secure session. We use the latest SSL certificates with 2048-Bit encryption for these sessions. If you are concerned about the fax being emailed to you because you are not on a secure email provider, then you can set your preferences to notify you of an incoming fax but not to attach the fax. This way you will know to log into your SRFax account and retrieve the fax online under our secure connection.

How many email addresses can be notified for each fax?

You can notify or cc (carbon copy) an unlimited number of Email addresses for both faxes received and faxes sent.

I send sensitive data. Do you offer PGP Encryption?

Yes. Enhanced encryption is available via PGP keys. All you need to do is upload your public PGP Key and enable PGP Encryption. Once enabled all emails you receive from SRFax will be encrypted. You can also send us PGP encrypted emails when sending a fax by email by using our PGP public key.

Is SRFax HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. You can view our HIPAA Compliance statement here – HIPAA Compliance Statement.

What is Never Busy Service?

SRFax provides you with just one fax number for e-faxing, but our system allows multiple faxes to be simultaneously sent and received to your fax number, thereby eliminating busy signals on your fax line.

How do I transfer / port my fax number to SRFax?

You first need to check if your fax number is portable to SRFax by using the Fax Number Portability Tool. If the number is portable, you will be able to then download a “Letter Of Authorization” which allows us to transfer the number to SRFax. Further details of what is required for the port will be provided if the number can be ported.

Still have Questions?

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