What areas are serviced by SRFax?

We offer both local and toll-free fax numbers, which are accessible from all 50 States in the USA and all of Canada.


We provide local numbers to most centres across North America. Where we do not have local numbers, we provide toll-free 800 numbers at no additional cost to you.


The best way to check if your number is portable to SRFax is to use our number portability tool.

Can I get separate fax numbers for different individuals or departments?

Absolutely. One of the benefits of our service is that your faxes become as personal and private as your email. Any one of our plans allow you to assign additional numbers for your individuals or departments. You can browse all of our plans at the following links:


How many users can I have on my account?

All of our plans except for the Basic Plan allow for an unlimited number of outbound users free of charge. Our plans also allow you to add users with their own unique fax number, there is a small fee for these additional users. Additional users can have their own login account and will not be able to view faxes other than their own.

My fax requirements might change. Can I change to another plan?

Absolutely. You have the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Just use our Contact Us page to request the change.

What happens if I exceed the allowable pages in a month?

All that happens is that you will be billed for each additional page. The rate per page varies by plan and is listed on the pricing plans page.

Can I restrict access to my account from office PC’s only ?

Yes. SRFax support can help you control which PC’s are allowed access to your account. This can be done by IP address or IP address ranges and subnet masks.

What is a junk fax filter?

You can block junk faxes by adding the sender’s fax number and SSID to your list of blocked callers. When a fax is received, the sender is checked with the blocked callers list. If a match if found the fax will be placed into your “Junk Faxes” folder and kept there for 7 days, after which time it will be automatically removed. Notifications are not sent for junk faxes and they are not counted as usage.

Can I receive multiple page faxes?

Yes. Both TIFF and PDF attachments can have multiple pages in one file.

What about viruses? Aren’t they spread mostly by opening email attachments?

We scan all attachments prior to being emailed. We guarantee that the TIFF and PDF attachments we send you are 100% virus free and safe.

Will I receive advertising or spam as a result of joining SRFax?

No. We do not sell advertising space and we will not sell, lend or pass on your information to any third party. We guarantee that.

Can I get a toll-free SRFax number?

Yes. Our toll-free numbers are accessible throughout North America and there is no additional cost to using our toll-free numbers for internet faxing.

Can I forward my existing fax number to my SRFax number?

Yes. You will require a feature named “Call Forwarding” added to your existing fax number – your existing telephone service provider can set this up for you. Once the feature has been added, you can forward all calls made to your existing fax number to your new SRFax fax number. Your existing fax line can be used for outgoing faxes and as a spare line but it will no longer receive faxes. Some phone lines have a call forwarding feature already available so check with your service provider. See your provider’s documentation or Contact Us and we will be happy to help.

Do I need to download or install any software?

No. All you need in order to use your internet fax account is an Email account or a web browser. There is an optional SRFax Printer Driver that allows you to print directly to fax. The printer driver is not required and the system can easily be used without it using just an Email account or a web browser.

Can I port my number to SRFax?

Please check our Online Number Portability tool to check if your number is portable to SRFax. If the number is portable, you will be given instructions on how to get your number over to SRFax. If you prefer, you can Contact Us with your current fax number and we will let you know if the number is portable.

What is fax to email?

Fax to email is commonly known as internet faxing. The way internet faxing works is simple. SRFax assigns you a unique local or toll-free number. Anyone faxing a document to this SRFax number will be received by our servers. As soon as the fax transmission has completed, our system will convert the fax to a PDF file (or TIFF file if you prefer) and then send it as an attachment to you by email.

Do I need a fax machine?

No. All you need to send or receive faxes is an Email account or a web browser. We will provide you with a fax number for all incoming faxes. You can send any document directly from your computer to a fax machine. If you need to send a printed document with your internet fax account, you will have to scan it into your computer first and then send it via SRFax.

Can I Print to fax?

Yes. You can download the SRFax Printer Driver for free.  Once installed on your computer you will then be able to “print” any document directly to fax without using email or logging into your SRFax account.

Still have Questions?

View our Knowledge base to see the full support forum and submit support tickets.